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As Microsoft launched the original Xbox console, online gaming was transferred to a new level. Xbox was a result of the need which Microsoft feels before its release. Microsoft thought of the need of a vital system that could provide additional storage space with a broadband connection. This would allow users to not only download content to their Xbox such as new characters, new levels, weapons and maps can be stored to later access them quickly. This would also make it possible to standardize bandwidth features like voice communication. Microsoft Xbox support phone number is also there for any user facing issues regarding the functioning or setup of the Microsoft Xbox. Users can contact Microsoft Xbox support number any time for assistance. Microsoft also enlisted several beta testers to enhance the service and the feature, so that if there is a chance of improvement, the beta testers will do it and later Microsoft will implement them officially to the next version. Microsoft Xbox support number can also help users who are either new to Microsoft community or are previous members. Users just need to contact on Microsoft Xbox support phone number and they will get help from well trained professionals. Microsoft also send a some goodies to these beta testers such as a headset carrying case, a t-shirts with slogan “I have great hands” printed on it and a translucent orange memory card.

A list of topics that user can get help from Microsoft support number Xbox are:

  • How to manage my subscription
  • Safety of a child from online content with the help of Parental control
  • Issue regarding the connection of an Xbox One Wireless Controller to a Windows PC
  • How to recover and reset your lost Microsoft account password
  • How to connect a wireless Xbox One controller to the console
  • How to set up an Xbox 360 Controller

Microsoft Xbox live support

Microsoft Xbox live is an online gaming and digital media service developed by Microsoft. From its starting it has evolved a lot. Adding more and more of useful features to it Microsoft has maintained its craze among the users. It allows the users to download games, purchase games, play games online, television programs and allow access to third party content service with the help of media streaming applications. Xbox live featured a gaming friend list and a single identity across all titles with the additional service of standardized voice chat with the use of a headset. For any user having any issues regarding Xbox live then Microsoft Xbox live support number is a way to get help for their problems. Microsoft Xbox live support phone number will provide you help related to your Xbox live. From setup to configuring it and from playing online to maintaining an account, all kind of help related to Xbox live is available at Microsoft Xbox live support phone number. Xbox live unites the gamers so that they can play as a large community or as a small group of friends. User can share their game scores, game clips, can chat with friends and many more things in Xbox live. For a matter of fact, Xbox live was rated as a highest network speed and reliable gaming platform in a study. It provides the required speed to the players as a better way and a better medium of gaming can make a lot of difference. Microsoft Xbox live support number can help you go through the setup of Xbox live. When a user own an Xbox Play anywhere digital title, it’s their choice to play either on Xbox One or any Windows 10 PC at no additional charges. It’s like as if you are playing something on Xbox live and then you have to leave the game in between for some reason and later the Xbox was not available to you. So you can continue your game on your windows 10 PC and you can resume exactly from the point where you last left off from your Xbox with all the add-ons, achievements and your saved games. Still if any user face any issues regarding the Xbox live then they can contact on Microsoft Xbox live support phone number for the resolution of all of their queries. The executives who will be helping you on contacting Microsoft Xbox live support number are all well trained to help you on Xbox live. They all are well equipped with the complete knowledge of their product and will surely help you on any kind of issue. An issue that might be new to you may not be new to them as they have already helped some other customers for that very same issue.

Microsoft Xbox 360 support

Xbox 360 is also developed by Microsoft. It is the second console in the Xbox series and is the successor of the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 also features online service. The Xbox 360 allows its users to stream media from their local PC. It also provides online multimedia features. Microsoft offers a free support helpline for Xbox 360 players. Microsoft executives are always available to provide their help to the Xbox players. They provide help on various queries related to Xbox, such as not starting, not connecting to server or any other issue. It is ensured that most of the queries are settled over phone. Though users can contact Microsoft Xbox 360 support phone number from anywhere from the planet, but it will cost them additional charges. Customers are requested to request a call from Microsoft to prevent those additional charges. While the Xbox 360 was released, several peripherals were also released to enhance the gaming experience of the users. The peripherals were expanded hard drive storage, wireless controllers and the Kinetic motion sensing camera. This addition of peripherals helps the Xbox brand to grow from only a gaming hub to a full house multimedia device. For further details, contact Microsoft Xbox 360 support phone number.

Users can contact Microsoft Xbox 360 support number for these kind of helps and other various topics:

  • If you are getting an error message when testing Xbox Live connection
  • Issues regarding the updates of Xbox 360
  • System update error codes for Xbox 360
  • Issue related to connecting of a controller to the Xbox 360
  • Help for Xbox 360 Disc Drive
  • How to clear the cache
  • Issues related to attachment of accessories
  • Problems using cables
  • controllers related issue
  • Headsets not working or voice lagging
  • Kinect related issue
  • Network adapter not working properly
  • Remotes not functioning

Microsoft Xbox one support

The Xbox one is a home video game console which is developed by Microsoft. It was announced in May 2013. This is the third console in the Xbox family which runs on a x86 architecture, which was earlier used in original Xbox. Its main emphasis was on cloud computing and the integration of services and entertainment applications, split screen multitasking of apps, and also a second screen support. It was applauded for its voice navigation, multimedia features and refined design. After Xbox one, a redesigned model known as Xbox One S was released which supports 4K video playback. If any customer finds any difficulty or any issue while using Microsoft Xbox One or Microsoft Xbox One S, they can contact on Xbox Microsoft support number to get best of the help available. Microsoft Xbox support phone number is a one stop shop for all of the help a user will need to resolve their query related to their Microsoft Xbox one.

For the users who are still confused as to what kind of help they will be getting on contacting Microsoft Xbox support number these are mentioned below:

  • Setup of your Xbox One gaming console.
  • Updating of your Xbox One gaming console.
  • Issues regarding the subscription.
  • How to connect a wireless Xbox One controller to the gaming console.
  • Troubleshooting the problem of slow gaming or app downloading on Xbox One.
  • Parental controls for the online safety and privacy of their child.