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Microsoft is a multinational company incorporated in late 1970’s. Microsoft is into manufacturing various IT goods and also develops consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and provides support for all the products via Microsoft support number. Microsoft also publishes books, offers e-mail, sell computer peripherals (input/output devices), electronic game systems and portable media devices. In 1977, an agreement between ASCII Magazine and Microsoft resulted in its first international office in Japan named as “ASCII Microsoft”, for more information contact Microsoft Phone Number for Microsoft phone support. Later in 1980, Microsoft entered the Operating System business of its own version UNIX called ZENIX, for more information related to operating systems contact Microsoft Number. In 1983, Microsoft started developing windows by focusing on Graphical User Interface for its operating system. In 1990, Microsoft came with an office suite of applications, servers, and services. This office suit is known as Microsoft office, any issue regarding Microsoft office you can contact Microsoft Customer Service Number. By releasing Windows 3.0 in the year 1990 Microsoft made an introduction of virtual memory, call Microsoft Contact Number regarding any queries. Over the past twenty-five years, Microsoft windows operating system has evolved from one-size-fits-all desktop operating system to diverse units of operating systems, mobile technology, and application software, for more information contact Microsoft Support Number. Support for all the products is provided by the specialized team available on Microsoft support phone number.

Today, Microsoft has expanded its business across the globe. Microsoft has designed and developed its products while keeping in mind the requirements of the business as well as home users and also provide support with Microsoft Help Number. Microsoft products are helping out people worldwide to achieve their potential at an office as well as at work, contact Microsoft Number for more information and for Microsoft phone support.  Microsoft products are used by more than 90% of the total users whether it is software or operating system and it also provide support with Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number. However, it might be possible that sometimes these products face problems, which can lead users into great trouble, these problem can be resolved by calling Microsoft Number. Microsoft software, applications, and other products like Microsoft officeMicrosoft outlook, etc. are highly complex, so it becomes difficult for users to fix these problems on their own and in such situations, Microsoft tech support phone number is one good solution. While Microsoft is customer oriented organization that believes in customer satisfaction so it provides good quality third party support with the help of Microsoft Phone Number. Microsoft has developed multi-layer and multi-channel programs for their users to address problems, call Microsoft Support Number for any queries and for Microsoft phone support. For more information regarding Microsoft you can contact Microsoft Help Phone Number.
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Microsoft Customer Help and Support

Microsoft products are used across the globe and more often than not businesses revolve around it, for more information contact Microsoft Support Number. Microsoft provides help and support for all of its products and services with the help of Microsoft Customer Service Number. Whenever you need any assistance in terms of Microsoft products, you can always connect with Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number team through Microsoft Contact Number.

Microsoft customer support number team is always ready to provide help and support to their users through Microsoft Contact Number. Microsoft also provides 24/7 online customer support as Microsoft Help Number. A team of dedicated technicians is always there to fix any kind of technical problems and can be reached via Microsoft tech support number. Microsoft believes in an instant problem resolution. Microsoft service centers and 24/7 Microsoft customer service number team consists of specialized and Microsoft Certified experts. These experts are always available round the clock on Microsoft support phone number to provide help and support to their customers.

The customer has many options through which he can get connected to Microsoft support number expert. Some of these are Phone support, Email, Live chat, Remote support and onsite support.

  • Phone Support

Problems regarding any Microsoft product can be resolved through a phone call. Microsoft Help Phone Number team is 24*7 available for the help of its customers. By dialing Microsoft technical support phone number, Microsoft Customer Service Number executives will provide the required assistance and support.

  • Live chat

The customer can interact with Microsoft customer support team by clicking on the chat link provided at the bottom of the page. The Microsoft Number executive will interact with the web visiting customer understands his requirements and provides the best solution. For voice support, customers can contact Microsoft support phone number.

  • Email support

When the support is not required on the immediate basis, Email support is the best option for getting help from Microsoft Phone Number team. Customers can email Microsoft tech support number team at info@microsoftsupportservices.com or for instant resolution call Microsoft technical support phone number.

  • Remote support

Remote support is provided to the customer whose problem is not able to get resolved through voice instructions. Microsoft technical team comprising of Microsoft certified technicians will be at your location, virtually, by help of remote accessing tools to fix your issue. Customers can access all these benefits by calling phone number for Microsoft support.

  • On-site support

For providing better services Microsoft has its service centers at various locations. The purpose of providing various service centers is to make convenient for customers to visit and fix their issues hand to hand. By calling on Microsoft customer support phone number, the customer can get the information regarding the nearest Microsoft service center.

Features of Microsoft Tech Support Phone Number

Microsoft Phone Number is very fast and efficient in terms of time saving. This method saves a lot of time and customers can get the solution to their problem in no time just by calling Microsoft Contact Number. Customers can also get remote support, for this user has to give green signal to technicians and they will resolve the issue after taking access of the device. The customer can also get support for any simple to highly complicated problem with the help of Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number. How to install windows? How to install drivers? How to configure? are some examples of the problems that user faces and call Microsoft tech support phone number for Microsoft phone support.

To provide real-time problem solution, Microsoft has online technical support. Some of the benefits of contacting Microsoft tech support number are:

  • Readiness: The solution is ready to be availed any time of the day and night.
  • Convenience: Customer just has to dial Microsoft tech support phone number which is toll-free or can get online to chat with Microsoft customer support expert.
  • Quality: Assistance or support is provided by well-qualified experts and certified technicians.
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use: Customers can just relax while the technician resolves Microsoft based problem.

Microsoft customer support number has some more special features which help customers to approach easily. These features are:

  • Self-discipline
  • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks
  • Dedication and commitment towards problem resolution
  • A detailed oriented work style
  • Ability to apply knowledge to new situations
  • 24/7 Telephone and online support
  • Priority routing of task as per the need of customer
  • Designated toll-free number
  • Well equipped technicians
  • Microsoft certified and experienced team members

Microsoft customer service number helps customers 24*7 by connecting with expert service engineers in real time. The multilingual service team of Microsoft technical support phone number is equipped with remote access to identify, respond and troubleshoot to issues with proven support solutions.

Common problems with Microsoft Products

Microsoft customers face some of the problems which are quite common to all. For the convenience of users, Microsoft Phone Number has provided some problems with their solutions.

Some of these problems are:

  • Windows 10 installation problem

There are some instances when Windows 10 installation problem arises by a pop-up message saying “something happened”. The only solution for this error is to terminate the installation by closing the windows. This problem occurs when the user uses burned USB or DVD or when the user chooses to create an ISO while installing windows 10. So before installing windows 10 user has to first check “Region and language” settings on the control panel and ensure “US English” is selected. The next option is to use “Upgrade This PC” with the help of windows 10 Media Creation Tool. For further help, call Microsoft number.

  • Wireless networks are not seen

Whenever user faces such problem he is advised to restart his personal computer and then reset Wi-Fi router. This usually helps in fixing the issue but still if your system is unable to detect any Wi-Fi connection, then immediately check whether any VPN software is installed.  After finding VPN software, check that it is compatible with windows 10 or not. If not compatible then uninstall it. Another solution is to disable the firewall. For further help, contact Microsoft support phone number.

  • Fixing DVD & CD Drivers problems

Sometimes, Microsoft Windows do not save the driver files correctly.  This kind of issues can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the particular driver.

Here are some steps that users need to follow to reinstall a DVD/CD driver in Windows:

Step1: First click on the “Windows” icon in the taskbar, and then click on “Control Panel”

Step2: Now double-click on Device “Manager”

Step3: Again double-click on “DVD/CD-ROM drivers”

Step 4: Now Double-click on the driver that is causing trouble

Step 5: Click on the “Driver tab”

Step 6: Click on the “Uninstall” button and follow the instructions till uninstall finishes

Step 7: Now, “insert the driver” disc in your DVD/CD-ROM and follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall the driver.

If issue persists, call Microsoft tech support phone number.

  • Microsoft edge not connecting to the internet while Firefox and Chrome does

To resolve this problem, the user has to disable the proxy connection and check. Now follow below mentioned steps:

Step1: Initially click on the “Settings” icon at the top right corner in internet explorer.

Step2: Now click on the “Tools” button, and then click on “Internet Options”.

Step3: Click on the “connections” tab, and then click on “LAN settings”.

Step4: Now uncheck the box next to “proxy server for your LAN”.

Step5: Now again click on “OK” tab to save the setting and close window.

The above mentioned are a few queries which remain on the mind of every user.  Even if any user-facing issues related to Microsoft products they can feel free to call on Microsoft Contact number or Microsoft customer support number.